Technical questions

I'm trying to use the App on Facebook but it is not working.

Here are a few steps to help troubleshoot:

- Try visiting the app from our direct link at
- If trying to access the app from the web browser on your mobile device, double-check that you are signed in to Facebook in your web browser first.
- If the problem recurs, please contact us with any error messages, screenshots or additional information describing the trouble you're experiencing.

Where is the progress bar?

You can find your progress bar on the Genes for Good app homepage at

I have been stuck at #1 on the progress bar/What does it mean when I am at #1?

Once your sample is at the lab, the progress bar will begin to indicate where you are in their queue and should update every week or so. If you see that you are #1 in the queue and have been for some time, this could mean either you are in the next batch of data to be sent to us or that we have already received your data from the lab and it is being run through our quality controls.

How do I view my data?

Once your data is released to you, you may view your pie chart and plots in the app at under the new section called 'Your Genome'.

I received an email saying my results are ready but I cannot find the 'Your Genome' section:

On a laptop or desktop computer, you can access your results by visiting Under 'Discover' on the left-hand side there will be a new section called 'Your Genome'.

Why are my results locked?

To ensure your data stays safe we provide participants with their own 6-digit access code via email to unlock their results in the Genes for Good app.

To unlock your results:
- Head to the Genes for Good app at
- On the left-hand side under'Discover', select the 'Your Genome' tab
- Enter your 6-digit access code, which is case sensitive and click the 'Unlock my Results!' button in blue. 
*If you can't find your access code, you may request a new one on the same page by clicking 'Request and/or Reset my Results Access Code'. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours to reach your email but usually less than 10 minutes.

I clicked the link to request a new results access code, but I have not received any email with the code.

If the email is not in your spam folder, please go to 'Your Account > Profile' and check your email address. If this is not your current address, update it and request a new results access code.

Why am I getting the message that I've entered the wrong password to access my data?

This error could be for a couple of reasons:

- The password you will enter to unlock your results is your 6-digit access code provided via email from Genes for Good and NOT the password you use to log into Facebook (please note, this code is case sensitive).

-You may be experiencing a code / link mismatch. Essentially when you request a download link to your raw genetic data we hand that task to a system that bundles your data up, uploads it to Dropbox with the password on it, and emails you your link. Once you reset your code, the first link becomes invalid and will automatically be removed, you should then get a new link automatically soon after that's protected with your new code.

Can I download the raw data files on my iPad or phone?

We do not recommend downloading the raw data to a mobile device, which included iPads and smartphones. Although it is technically possible to download the zipped file to a mobile device, most mobile devices do not have an adequate file management system that would allow you to unzip the folder containing your raw data, or to view files of that size. The best way to interact with your raw data is from a laptop or desktop computer. In order to download to your mobile device, you would likely need to download additional apps in order to manage, unzip, or view the files. 

An additional note: we do NOT recommend downloading your data to a public computer. If you must, please make sure to delete any files from the public computer after transferring the data to your external hard drive or USB.