Other contributors

Paul Resnick has consulted a great deal on integrating the App within Facebook, as well as moving Genes for Good to mobile devices. Paul is a Professor of Information at the University of Michigan. His work is wide-ranging, including research on social networks and online communities

Lars Fritsche was a Research Investigator and Co-Investigator in this study. In addition to his expertise in Bioinformatics and Genetics, he has many years of programming experience. Lars develops and tests statistical approaches to evaluate the role of genetic factors in complex diseases. Together with Greg he will manage and coordinate the generatedgenetic data.

David Zinn helped us out with the DNA mural at the top of this website and the descriptive cartoons you see when you first join the study. David is an artist and illustrator in Ann Arbor, MI. Find more about David at his Facebook page and website: http://zinnart.com/.

We also have Shane Rohman to thank for all the great images on this website and the survey icons in the Facebook App. Shane is a graphic designer based in Minneapolis, MN and New York, NY. You can find his website here: http://rohmanempire.com/