Happy National DNA Day!

Today marks the 63rd anniversary of the discovery of the DNA double helix in 1953 as well as the 13th anniversary of the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003. Building off of these historical milestones, we continue to make strides in understanding the genetics of common diseases. Thank you to all Genes for Good participants for your contribution to this important research!

10,000 Participants

Today Genes for Good hits a big milestone: 10,000 Participants!

Numbers Check

This is a good point to do a check of some of the numbers behind the study right now...

New Home Page and Simplified Eligibility Rules

Today marks a change in Spit Kit Eligibility rules along with a new home page to help make understanding them much easier.

Simplified Spit Kit Eligibility Rules

As participants join Genes For Good they consent to join the study, and the consent form explains the information we want participants to provide to be eligible for a free spit kit for genotyping. Until today this is what it took to become eligible:

2015 Year in Review and a 2016 Preview

2015 Year In Review

As 2015 draws to a close now is a great time to look back on the entire Genes For Good Study up to this point. Genes For Good kicked off in January of this year so we've now got just about one full year under our belts. Here's a check of some top-level numbers:

Genes For Good Participants by Gender and Age Group

Learn About Yourself as You Participate in Research

Genes for Good is a University of Michigan study where participants help understand human health and disease, while learning about their genetic ancestry and their daily health habits and comparing themselves to other participants.

Ancestry Results Instructional Video

This week marked the first release of ancestry results. Over 700 of the study's first participants can now begin to interpret their ancestry data!

Today we've also posted an instructional video to help understand and interpret these ancestry results. Check it out:

Ancestry Results

Today marks a major step in Genes for Good: we began returning genetic data to participants. There’s clearly still more to do, but today we released ancestry information for 744 participants who joined Genes for Good and submitted a viable saliva sample. These participants were among the first to join our study. They contributed to genetic research and spread the word about Genes for Good. We’re delighted to have the privilege to work with their survey results and DNA, and to be able to give some information back to them.  

5000 Participants!

Genes for Good is approaching 5,000 total participants, and the time is right for our first full blog post! We plan to write new posts every so often, allowing participants to see what’s new in the app, what we’re discovering, how we’re using participant data, and our future plans.

Genes For Good goes live today!

Today marks the official launch of the Genes For Good study! You can now join the study here:

January 19 2015

Almost ready to launch!

We have received IRB approval and are now working on final improvements. We expect to launch the study in January.

November 7 2014